• The Martian

    maxresdefaultIf you haven’t seen The Martian with Matt Damon go and see it excellent film and well worth a visit. I ended up seeing it twice and I found it just as entertaining the second time around. As with most films nowadays I headed to Abbeygate and sat back and relaxed.
    Matt Damon was excellent in the role and perfectly cast (looking forward to the new Bourne film when it is released). Ridley Scott again creating a master piece, serious in many places it was also very funny. I know there will be people out there saying the science is not right and such and such a scene would not be possible but to be honest it was so well cast and filmed you could believe that this could happen. What also made the film stand out was the sound track, very different to many films and a lot of excellent music most of which the kids have probably never heard before.
    Definitely a 9/10 for me.
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  • Back to the Future II

    back-futureThere was a lot of press coverage about the 21st October 2015 and Back to the Future II and how accurate it was. The local cinema, Abbeygate, had a special showing on that night so I headed over there into the comfy seats with a glass of red in hand. Whilst most of the press was focused on what technology had come to fruition I was really just interested in watching an entertaining film which I had not seen in many years and certainly not seen in the cinema since its release in 1989.
    1989 wow was it that long ago since the release and seeing it the first time at the flea pit in Colchester? 2015 must have seemed an eternity away at that point. So I settled down for a good couple of hours and I was not disappointed. Even after all this time I found it good, easy and enjoyable to watch. I love the way the story is intertwined with the first film and I think it works very well. I didn’t find the third film quite as good but it was still entertaining. I came out of the cinema relaxed after having a good couple of hours watching the film in a very relaxing environment. For me if you leave the cinema feeling good about what you have seen then the film has achieved something what it should to entertain people.
    Do love going to Abbeygate they have some very good films on throughout the year from the past and always good to see them again.
    Think I will give this 8/10.
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  • Four weeks and counting..

    Slowly getting there and with four weeks to go now up to 11 miles. The Ipswich Half Marathon is on Sunday 20th September. When I said I would do it seemed like months away and it was, but boy it is close now. At the time I thought I had plenty of time to get up to the distance and even planned out each month. However things are very different when working long hours and so many other things happening at weekends.So my training has been very sporadic but I have been fine doing about 5-6 miles without any hassles. However in the past month I knew I had to up the pace and training and make sure I am ready for September. So managed to make sure that I went for a long run each weekend regardless of the weather and once or twice during the week for a short run. So far so good and last weekend go to the 11 mile mark. Now with four weeks to go I know I will get there and then the next question is what sort of time…

    I am raising funds for CLIC and my page can be found here please donate.


    After this one need to work out the next challenge :)

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  • Bury Wolf Trail

    Bury St Edmunds has been running a Wolf Trail in the town for the past few weeks, since 20th July and it will be around until 20th November. There are 26 wolves around town of different shapes. Today had a wonder round town and there were lots of families with kids going round the trail and looking for the wolves. While wondering around took a few photos but certainly didn’t find all 26, maybe next weekend! Full of the trail are here. A few photos from today.

    DSC_7610_01 DSC_7619_01



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  • So many choices ..

    One of the really good things about living in Bury is the excellent choice of bars and restaurants. So many to choose from but usually end up at the same few. The Masons (Facebook) excellent Green King pub, in fact being in the home of Green King their main testing pub, Petrus Wine Bar (Facebook) best steak in town and friendly welcome, Abbeygate Cinema (Facebook) best cakes and Sunday Brunch, the Old Cannon Brewery (Facebook) with their excellent choice of home brewed beers. All perfect for the summer. :)

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  • Matt, Sarah and Albert departing soon …

    Wow amazing to think that it is exactly a year ago that I posted Matt, Albert and Mongolia. So since then the two of them are joined by Sarah, Matt’s ex, and they all head of on the 6th June from Potton. Albert has changed quite a bit since then and can easily see from the photos below and Matt has posted more on his blog. They are still looking for sponsorship which you can do online.

    If you want to see what 18,000 miles looks like have a look at the map of the journey and you will see just how far they are going. You will also be able to track them online.

    Good luck to all and please spare some money for them.DSCN0214_wDSC_0193



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  • Blade Runner still a good Movie

    BladeRunnerOne thing about Bury is having a small cinema, Abbeygate, (as well as the normal Cineworld) which is small and cosy but more importantly shows some different films throughout the year and this week is no different. They have Blade Runner – The Final Cut on for a few showings at the moment. I’ve never actually seen it at the cinema before only on TV. So went along so something different. It was filmed in 1982 and I thought it might look very dated, lots of old movies tend to, but this wasn’t too bad. Typical Ridley Scott movie and very extravagant but well worth watching on the big screen.

    It must have been because the two hours went incredibly quickly and some excellent performances. Still scary just how long ago it was though.

    Now what is next at the cinema …

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  • Jessops and Customer Service

    jessops75_logoFor many years Jessops camera shop was on most of our high streets and I for one rarely entered them. Clearly most other people did the same and they eventually hit financial problems and in January 2013 all 187 stores had to close. In stepped Peter Jones, of Dragons Den fame, and he started on the transformation of the company first opening 6 of the stores and today there are 37 across the country.  The one in Bury St Edmunds is in a good location and is far more inviting to enter than many of the others in the past. At the time Peter took over you did have to wonder how he would ensure the success of the business in the future. Two key areas of success of any business are the people that work for you and the engagement with your customers and he has certainly cracked it.

    The store is Bury is always busy and the staff are very approachable and helpful. Recently I purchased a new camera from Jessops online. They price match so cost was not an issue, sure I could have got it cheaper abroad but I wanted somewhere nearby. I went into the store for some additional bits and pieces and the staff member was very helpful and in the end improved on the order I had placed online, why was that? Simple the staff member who was extremely helpful and trustworthy.

    Today I needed a couple of other bits so went online to jessops.com, found what I wanted and placed my order to collect from the local store. That was at 15:15 and the confirmation email said it would be ready to collect at 16:14. At 15:25 I received a phone call from the store to say it was ready for collection and soon after an email confirming the same. Headed of to the store, again staff helpful and had the order there ready and all sorted in less than half an hour.

    I will definitely go back to Jessops in future rather than ordering from somewhere else online even if I can get it cheaper all because they understand who the customer is and how to treat them. There are so many other businesses out there that could learn from Peter Jones and Jessops, if only they would. It is the same message Richard Branson often covers about looking after your staff who will in turn look after your customers.

    Now time to look at the purchases :)

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  • What the customer wanted …

    Can be applied to so many things …


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  • Suite Francaise

    sfToday headed over to Abbeygate cinema to watch something different, Suite Francaise. I wasn’t sure what to expect and to be honest I didn’t think it would be my kind of thing. However I was proved wrong and it turned out to be an excellent film and well worth watching.

    It’s a story of forbidden love in a time of turmoil for the French. Set in France 1940 in the first days of the occupation and follows the main character Lucile as she struggles with the overpowering mother-in-law and the conflicts of love when the Germans arrive in their town and a German officer stays with them.

    At times it is quite sad but many others the complete opposite. While it deals with the conflicts or war in what was surely a frightening time you still come away with a good feeling having seen a well acted film and shot incredibly well.

    The film is based on an unfinished novel by Irene Nemirovsky. The two novels portray life in France between 4th June 1940 and 1st July 1941. She was arrested on the 13th July 1942 and was sent to Auschwitz where she died. The manuscripts were kept by her daughter who didn’t look at them for fifty years and when she finally did they were turned into books and ultimately the film.

    Anyway definitely a film to watch.


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