• Channel 9

    Came across a useful site last week Channel 9, http://channel9.msdn.com/forums.aspx. The Videos section is very useful, not so much for the ‘wow you’re talking to Microsoft guys…’ feeling, but more the fact that there is a lot of useful information in the which can help get a better picture of things moving forwards over at Microsoft.

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  • Rich Internet Applications – RIA and Laszlo

    RIA is something that has been around a while and means
    different things to different people, but for me it’s quite simple.


    An RIA application has got to be responsive in much the same
    way as a client side application otherwise users will simply not use it if they
    have to wait too long. There is a huge difference between a normal HTML based
    page and an RIA and as application designers we must ensure that this
    difference is taken into account. We have to think about the user experience
    and as a result if the technology is good enough.

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  • Making this work

    When I finally decided to use Drupal as the CMS here I then needed somewhere to host it. There aren’t many places around at the moment providing specific Drupal hosting, About the only place I found was Bryght Community over at http://www.bryght.com/, but at the time they were in beta. I got pricing but I did have to ask myself why I couldn’t use some of the existing space I have already, why pay more than you have to.


    One of the nice features about Drupal is that it is built on php and mysql, and by chance I have some space over at UK Cheapest, and decided to try and get things working there. It didn’t take as long as I thought it would, I have space on a shared server but I was able to get Drupal going along with several modules in a very short space of time. Setup a subdomain and away we go.

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