• People Aggregator hits the streets!

    ok so there’s been a load of hype over recent months, mostly from Marc Canter, about People Aggregator. Well today they finally went live with it. Over the past few weeks there seem to have been various hiccups as yo uwent to their site, but it is now there, PeopleAggregator. So having had a browse around, even signed up, it’s not what I was expecting! First thing on landing on the homepage I was hit with a wealther of options to click on, way too many, where do I start?

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  • Dilbert

    ott Adams the creator of the Dilbert cartoons has an amazing insight into the world of business. I’m sure everyone can read Dilbert on a daily basis and recognise the same things inside their own organisation. This past week the items have been extremely funny. Two particular ones are this one  and this one Just shows nothing changes between companies and timeframes, what used to happen years ago still happens today.

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  • A long and tiring 10 days

    Well it’s almost a week since we had our first club national and then the regional race at Ipswich. Last Friday was hard work getting the slope ready and then Saturday was brilliant weather. Everything fortunately ran very smoothly and we had an extremely good race. It could not have been better. 111 competitors in the end.

    Sunday the regional race was excellent on an even hotter day.

    Will update more but this week I have been catching up on the outstanding things that I have missed for the past two weeks.

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