• Rossendale Weekend

    Just a quick post got a lot to do.

    A long weekend up north at Rossendale for the first time. The trip didn’t start too well a rear tyre puncture over at Hemel which meant unloading all the ERSA timing gear from the car before we could change it! By the time we got to the Travelinn at Burnley it was 1am.


    The Arrows club national, who at the moment are a nomadic team after losing their home slope at Swadlincote a couple of years ago. A good turnout overall but there was a lot of novice racers taking part, which is good to see so many coming through.

    Craig Ruddock was there setting his first course I under the supervision of Carl Ryding. At first what he set was to say the least very challenging and incredibly tight but after a few changes the course was adapted so that it was ideal for the inexperienced members of the field. So in the end we had quite a straight forward easy course, and this showed in the times and number of racers completing the course.

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  • Norfolk Weekend

    Ok how to summarise the weekend in a few words? Well first things first, looking at the weather forecast Thursday it looked we were in for a wet weekend again at Norfolk, especially Sunday but how wrong they were. It was the complete opposite and Sunday was incredibly hot and sunny, plenty of sun cream and some of you now sporting shiny red noses (you know who you are 😆 ).

    As usual things were well organised by Norfolk and ran smoothly throughout the day with the slight hiccup of the bibs, but then again wasn’t their fault, allegedly 😆 . But who said there was unhealthy rivalry between Norfolk and Suffolk? Problems with the bibs and one phone call later we have them sorted for Sunday, how’s that for being friends :) .

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  • A long time since the last one…

    Yep been a long long time since I last posted, just been way too busy. But anyway will use this now over the coming weeks to post about the dry slope skiing season which is now well under way.

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