• Suffolk Vikings ERSA

    Ok, yep I’m behind on this but here is a quick summary of Sunday. Normally at the Suffolk ERSA we only do sunshine but this weekend we decided on the Glastonbury theme, so yeah it rained most of the day, but was still warm and I guess kept the old hippies happy .

    This time we opted for a different sound system and commentator, so one of the older Vikings who wasn’t skiing and who is a DJ brought his equipment and we had some excellent music throughout the day. After the mad first couple of hours of setting up I was able to relax a little and watch the race from the bottom of the hill, while catch up with some friends in the rain!!

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  • Sunderland Weekend

    We’ve never been to Sunderland before but with a two day event and the All England it made it worthwhile going up there. Left late Friday afternoon in the rain and trundled up north finally getting there at 10.30pm after a long old drive and a slight detour due to the crap weather. Somehow that was the last of the rain we saw over the weekend until the return journey on Sunday afternoon.

    We had heard various reports about the slope Sunderland and the surrounding area, but once there on Saturday found it to be an excellent slope and now we can see why the All England has been moved there.

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  • Wycombe Club National

    So Sunday it was off to Welwyn for the first Wycombe CN since the fire at the Wycombe slope. First of all well done for getting it this far. Another hot day but I think even hotter than Ipswich. Good to see so many there and officials from all over helping out. For me it was a strange day, the first time I have been to a race without Craig, he was a DNS in the end as he had an important maths exam this morning.

    After the hectic day before I had the job of finish ref which is a good one to have at Welwyn as you can see every from the bottom. We had the ‘A’ team at the bottom there with myself, Lloyd and Andrea catching EVERYTHING ? (did mean we had to check our tyres at the end of the day though!)

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  • Suffolk Club National

    The second club national at Ipswich started with sunshine and that’s how it continued for the whole weekend. As this was our club national was there extra early to get the final things sorted. I thought I would be first there but I wasn’t, Kevin Mercer don’t you guys ever sleep?

    Sally Bartlett was setting the course for the day and while it looked fairly straight forward from the bottom it was a good technical course that needed some thought and therefore a good course inspection, something some racers seem to forget about, but it made for an entertaining day.

    Some good performances on the day and it is good to see little Megan Jenkins continuing here good form, unfortunately only two girl in the Minis again (the other was my daughter who is more of a social skier at the moment). At least Megan has her bigger sister in her sight now, Megan came in at 33.83 and Nia 33.53, it was even closer at the Wycombe race! Good to see Jordan coming over from Telford and comfortably taking first spot.

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  • Pendle Weekend

    The usual scenario for a Pendle weekend is dry one day and incredibly wet the next, well fortunately this year the cycle was broken and we ended up with two really good days of sunshine even with Mandy as CoR.

    As usual the organisation at Pendle was great and those of us officiating had a good time.

    Club national with a course set by Craig Ruddock again, good to see him setting course now so that we have someone else on the list. It was a good and challenging course, which made good use of the rollers at the top of the slope. This turned out to be the important area as if you got it wrong here you screwed up the whole run, and several racers did, with some spectacular results. The rest of the course was pretty straight forward and just the usual flat finish.

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