• Classic Dilbert

    This is a classic Dilbert and how many times do you still see this…

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  • Granite Skis

    Have never seen or heard of this before, Skis made from stone, http://www.zai.ch/index.php?id=11&L=1. Makes for very interesting reading.

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  • 3 Broadband and go…

    I’ve been using a Vodafone 3G datacard for over a year now. I was paying £25+vat for 250mb download per month. Now that wasn’t too bad as long as I was careful about what I did online. But sometimes it was slow, rarely got 3G and usually just ended up at 384k.

    Well recently 3 have been advertising their new Broadband service on the radio. I took at look at the website, here, and the pricing of what you get is way much better. For £10 (inclusive of VAT) you get 1GB, £15 3GB and £25 7GB! After spending a bit of time reading the website I decided it was time to change.

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