• SOA and the business

    One of the things I am currently spending a lot of time looking at is Service Oriented Architecture, SOA. Many people look at it from the technology point of view and try to take this bottom up approach and sell it to the business, without really understanding where the business is going.

    Now it is true that not all businesses do not fully understand the fact that there is technology out there which can help their business, but in the first instance it is very much about a top down approach of looking at how SOA will be a benefit to the business. There is no point embarking on a SOA project if it does not have the relevant backing from management.

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  • Long time no blog!

    Yep been a very long time since I was last here to post something, so many things happening over the past few weeks and off course never enough time.

    Anyway will be posting some work related things here as well over the coming weeks.

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