• London at night

    Staying in London tonight and was working late. From the 13th floor is fantastic looking out across London at night on a clear warm night, do like it!

    Left it late to book a room and ended up over at Euston station. Got here about 9pm and then headed over the road for something to eat. Went for a walk after dinner down Euston road and it is rare that you walk slow enough to notice the surroundings. So much history in such a short distance, pity never get enough time to really investigate, one day maybe.

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  • Summer Skiing

    This year unfortunately Craig was not able to take part in many Club Nationals or Grand Prix event throughout the country mainly due to work, but also the need for him to be able to train sometimes instead of just coaching.

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    It’s the ERSA AGM in October just after the Champs at Hemel. Lots of changes this year with people stepping down and others coming in.

    Earlier in the year at the start of the season I took the conscious decision to step down as Chairman of ERSA RTP. I had someone in mind to take over and at the same time I was planning on standing for Chair of ERSA. The person I had in mind for RTP was hesitant initially but once I explained what I was doing it was fine.

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  • ESSKIA Qualifying Rounds

    Sunday went over to Gosling ski centre at Welwyn Garden City for the ESSKIA qualifier. This year we had three teams taking part, although at one point thought it was going to end up being just two with so many withdrawing, but fortunately found another couple of girls who were keen to take part and they did extremely well.

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  • Time to start again

    It’s been a long time since I was last here, mainly due to work but also other things going on, but have missed this outlet for my own thoughts. So my aim over the coming weeks is to get back into this. Have been doing a tremendous amount of thinking about the skiing side of things. Very much back into the swing of things now and will see how things go.

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