• Bright lights of the city…

    The number of times I have been to London and very rarely look around, just go to work head home or stay over for a night. Even when staying over end up working late and then going straight back to the hotel.

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  • Oopps shouldn’t have done that!!

    When the blood pressure is rising it is always advisable to step back and walk away before replying to an email. Now normally that is something I do very well, but on Friday afternoon after an incredibly long week one of the final emails arriving of the day just wound me up so much. I’m amazed at just how some people can waste so much money on minor things, yet they don’t understand they are.

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  • Micro Men

    Watched a fantastic programme the other night called Micro Men, http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00n5b92. Goes back to the 80’s where the home PC’s really kicked off and follows the path of Clive Sinclair and Chris Curry from Acorn.

    Was brilliant watching the various things about the rise of the machines and remembering them from that time. Had forgotten that Acorn has won the BBC Micro contract.

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  • Waiting at the airport

    Still sitting here at Stansted at 00:45 waiting for the girls to come off the plan from their week away. Flight delayed by 30 minutes and have been here for hours, on the way home from Swindon, so a long long day.

    But sitting here watching the international arrivals is fascinating. An amazing mixture of people and nationalities. There are a lot of weird people about though watching the stroll out, look around, find someone and then stand in the middle of the exit blocking the path for other gassing!

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  • Wales

    So I’m sitting here in a hotel room just on the outskirts of Cardiff. Have spent the last couple of days down here sorting out problems in the office here and boy what a challenge that is proving to be. This time we are staying in the St Mellons Golf and Country Club Hotel, but it certainly needs updating for the amount they are charging. Next time we are hear will stay at the Hilton in town. Much closer to a wider choice of food.

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  • ESSKIA National Finals

    A couple of weekends ago went up to Rossendale for the National ESSKIA Finals with the girls from school. Was actually a good weekend and they did very well on Saturday coming 3rd in the U14, which was pleasing as two of them should really have been in the U12.

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  • Pushing too hard

    It’s the same in any sport but a common site, parents pushing their kids to do more and more when they don’t really want to. Parents living their dream through their children and sometimes it can also just be simple childcare (albeit expensive childcare at times).

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  • Learning the basics

    Within ski racing every race needs officials to help run it. Many of the helpers are from the local club, some doing it for the first time but many officiating on a regular basis at many different races throughout the country.

    There are currently two levels of officials that SSE like to have, Level 1 the basic and Level 2 more indepth. The thing it they forget that everyone is a volunteer in these races, yet they insist on running a 2 day (which in reality is 1.5 day) course for Level 2 officials.

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  • ERSA Champs 2009

    Last Sunday we held the ERSA Champs are the Hemel Indoor centre. Meant an early start to the day and if I hadn’t been held up on the M25 by an accident would have been there at 6.20am (yeah I know stupid time)!

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  • Trains, Planes and Automobiles… well just trains!

    Last night I was sitting the train heading from London Liverpool Street up to Ipswich. Over the past few weeks I’ve been travelling around of various trains and when you get on the eastern region you realise just how crap the service is in comparison to other regions. Not only that but how expensive!

    The rolling stock is dreadful and really needs updating but then they would say they have to increase the prices. Ah well one day we may well get the cast offs from some other region again.

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