• Mike Barker

    Last Monday evening Mike Barker spent some over at the Ipswich club with the Vikings team during a training session. He was there to see how things are done at Ipswich, talk to the coaches, racers and parents. This also included something to eat and drink afterwards.

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  • ERSA

    I’ve been involved with ERSA for a number of years now and helping out at the races and this continues through to the national races. In 2008 I stepped back a bit from the scene as I became somewhat disillusioned with various aspects of the sport. Like any sport skiing certainly has it’s own set of unique characters, personalities and politics. How much you become involved is entirely up to yourself but in a sport that has been crying out for helpers all over the place it can be very disheartening at times.

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  • Making racing a little more affordable

    We are well into the winter season racing now with kids and parents travelling all over the place to take part in races in various countries. But it won’t be be that long before the summer season is upon us once again. As with the past few years the number of races available to people is high and if you wanted you could race virtually every weekend (pity the kids that have to do that what about a break?).

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  • ASC Meeting minutes published

    The minutes of the ASC meeting that took place in November have been published on the Snowsport England website here.

    Worth a read if you want to get a picture of what is happening this coming year, although does raise a few questions.

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  • Snowsport GB

    Snowsport GB has been in financial trouble for sometime now but things are definitely coming to a head now. What a disaster on the timing though and obviously raises more questions than it answers.

    This article was in the Times yesterday. There’s a lot of work going on in the background to make sure they get to the Olympics in a few weeks time but it doesn’t exactly help with the preparation.

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  • Various updates

    Various updates have taken place over the past few days for various races and information around them.

    Can find the latest information on Britski.

    The latest list of entries received for the English Alpine Championships can be found here. Closing date is the 1st Feb. Also the Ski Cross has now been cancelled due to lack of entries.

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  • Latest ROTP Minutes

    The last set of minutes for the SSE ROTP (Race Organising Technical Panel) have been published on the SSE Website (unfortunately not able to put a link in here) to find them,

    1. http://www.snowsportengland.org.uk/key_committee_minutes-841.html

    2. Scroll to the bottom of that page and the ROTP section

    3. Click on the November 2009 option

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  • Anglo Scottish Cup Les Houches

    Last week I spent the time in Les Houches, France with Natasha for the Anglo Scottish Cup race. We were there with lots of friends from various clubs who also had children taking part in the races. It was the first snow race for Natasha, not something I was expecting to have to attend with her, but during the year Natasha asked if she could give it a go, what more could I say!

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  • Women and Skiing and Snowboarding

    Attached here is a survey of Skiing and Snowboarding focusing on Female participation. Some interesting facts, will comment another time.

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  • Driving back in the UK!

    So spent all last week in the French Alps in Les Houches where there is now quite a lot of snow, even had to put the snow chains on one day and use them to get the car out and back to the apartment.

    Driving there and then coming immediately back to the UK you realise just how badly prepared we are in this country for a sprinkling of snow. Sure we don’t get as much as the Alps so justifying the cost of all the equipment is not practical but boy there is a huge difference.

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