• ERSA Race Attendance

    Last year it was interesting to see what the attendance was like at some of the races in ERSA. Some were down others up. What was very apparent though is that we didn’t have any true stats to back up what the trend was. It’s also quite important to watch what the trend is like this coming year with so many changes happening. Last year and this year there are so many races to choose from. This year we have at least seven, possibly eight races in the region, but also there is a packed national scene.

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  • Racing through the summer and reports

    One of the things that has been missing for sometime over the past few year in the summer ski racing is a central place or places where reports about various races can be viewed online.

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  • Summer Racing in the UK 2009 Summary

    During the final part of 2009 I published a survey on SkiZog to get some feedback from the summer racing season. I did it because there was no other way for people to feedback anonymously and be honest at the same time.

    I’ve now summarised the results in the attached PDF file. Some very good feedback there and definitely worth following up and from an ERSA point of view will definitely take a closer look.

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  • Google Street Maps

    This is something that can easily waste many hours and is a good way of seeing places you would like to visit and get an idea of what it’s like. It’s also good to see what your own house looks like on there and be nosey about friends places (and anyone who says they don’t if fibbing).

    The street level view is excellent and it has brought the maps to a new level especially now that they have rolled it out to much more of the UK can see so much more detail.

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  • ERSA Committee Meeting Minutes

    Last Sunday we held an ERSA Committee meeting and went through several topics. The minutes will be published shortly on the ERSA website but in the meantime a copy is attached here.

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  • Somewhere to Eat?

    If you’re in London and fancy a brilliant Italian restaurant then try Sergio’s, http://www.sergiosw1.co.uk/, it’s not expensive (unless you go for the specials) and the quality is fantastic.

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  • Comments and Feedback

    A meeting has been arranged on the 14th March by SSE (ASC and ROTP) and one member from each region invited to attend. No specific agenda has been raised yet but the general aim is to provide ‘discuss any matters/suggestions before the beginning of the forthcoming season’.

    Someone from ERSA will be attending the meeting so if you have any matters or suggestions please send them over so that I can collate them for the meeting. I have had much feedback from people over the past few months and will add this feedback.

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  • British Champs in Meribel

    As you know the British Champs are still going ahead. Have received the letter attached to this post from the chief of race.

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