• The future for plastic racing…

    So during the summer racing season we have both indoor and outdoor racing giving people a much wider choice than just a few years ago. Over the past couple of years the opportunity to race indoors has grown dramatically, the Graham Beck races have proved very successful and this year he is running a lot of races and peer pressure is pushing more people in that direction. At the same time SSE have started running more races indoors covering club nationals, grand prix and championships.

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  • ERSA April Newsletter

    Attached is the April newsletter focusing on the coming summer season. Any comments or feedback greatly received :) drop me a line at bernard@lindseygang.co.uk.

    Hope you find it useful just another way of pushing information out, but always need feedback.
    This will also appear on the ERSA Website very soon.

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  • Moving from Office 2003 to Office 2007

    If you have upgraded to Microsoft Office 2007 the one big thing you will have noticed is how the navigation around the applications has changed. They have moved several of the menu items around just to confuse us. I’ve been using it for a couple of years but still have trouble finding a few items.

    Anyway chances are you are struggling to find everything you need so the following references will prove to be invaluable.

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  • So what happens in the background?

    A lot!!

    But what am I on about now? Skiing of course and what happens in the background for the various races that go on.

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  • Racing costs

    If you are a race secretary for either a club national or grand prix make sure you have a read of this http://www.britski.org/arbul101.pdf. It has some useful information about the forthcoming season, it has been sent to club secretaries in the past couple of days, been on the website since the end of March, but not emailed directly to race secretaries yet.

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  • Cycling around the world :)

    Have you heard of Mark Beaumont? Well over the past three weeks his has been on BBC TV with his new documentary about his travels across the Americas. Mark started from Anchorage in Alaska following the mountain ranges south to Ushuaia in Southern Argentina.

    He spent most of the time on his own filming himself as he headed south and it was fantastic watching him travel the 13,000 miles through many different countries and cultures. Excellent way to travel and see the world though!

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  • Training times…

    About 4 weeks ago a colleague was trying to persuade more people to take part in a 10km run sometime this year, now this guy is very fit and cycles and runs all the time. After he went I had a think about it and thought why not I need a different challenge this year. If he had said cycle a distance that would have been quite easy as I do a lot of that as I enjoy cycling and do lots. But running is something different, it is not something I enjoy that much and find very hard to motivate myself to do. So certainly a very good challenge.

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  • Alain Baxter at Ipswich

    In March the ex Olympic skier Alain Baxter visited the Ipswich ski centre for a business morning breakfast followed by a training session with the Vikings race team. Although it was on a Monday morning and a school day many of the team were still able to attend and had a great time with him, not often that sort of thing happens so was good for them.

    For a report click here.

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  • Time in London

    Last week I spent a couple of days in London with Natasha on the sightseeing quest. She doesn’t often get the chance to come down to London and it is something she wanted to do, so although I spend all my working time down there we headed back there together.

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  • Man from the future…

    A man was arrested at the large Hadron Collider last Thursday, details here.

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