• What does the future hold?

    A couple of weeks ago I wrote a few thoughts about the future of plastic racing, but there is also the other aspect about the format of the various races on offer. The next few years are going to be very interesting to see how things develop and the offering for racers improves.

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  • The wonders of London …

    When you work in London you often forget what is around you and what wonderful historic architecture exists. The main aim is normally to get from A to B as quickly as possible and then home or back to the hotel. In the winter that’s all you want to do anyway.

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  • Norfolk GP Report

    Received the report from the weekend from SSE today, attached at the bottom of the page, about the first GP in Norfolk.

    Posting here as haven’t worked out how to attach a file to the ERSA group if anyone knows let me know please.

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  • SnOasis a step closer

    The following entry has more information about what is happening at SnOasis.
    Also some more from the local paper here

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  • Norfolk Races

    This weekend saw the Club National on Saturday and the first of the SSE Grand Prix on Sunday at Norfolk.

    The weather forecast for the weekend was wet wet wet. However we were very lucky on Saturday as the sun was out most of the day so much so I managed to get a bit of sun burn on the head! that’s one of the advantages of the outdoor races and it produces a much better atmosphere. Of course great when the sun is out but not so good when it is the rain.

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  • Travelling the world

    Have a friend who has taken nine months of work this year to go on his next set of travels. This time making his way overland to Australia. He left a few weeks ago and is posting to his blog here, mattgivertz.blogspot.com. I so just want to pack it in and disappear for a few months somewhere, so envious!

    He goes of travelling every 5-6 years to different places in the world and is a fascinating guy to chat to.

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