• A Day in the Life of an ERSA Race…

    What happens to make sure that one of the many regional races happens and runs smoothly? There are a lot of perceptions that exist about why some things happen or don’t happen, so thought I would jot down some things that take place. It’s like it for many races not just the regional ones.

    First easy question to answer is no we are not paid to officiate, we do it for the love of the sport! Although when you are stood at the top of a slope and it is raining do sometimes wonder why I am there, but it is great when the sun is shining :)

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  • Facebook facts and figures

    Over the years since the dawn of the Internet there have been a few websites which have just taken of with unbelievable popularity. Get the right idea, get the right viral approach, a bit of luck and away you go and that’s what we have seen with Facebook.

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  • SnOasis

    This website, http://www.snoasisconcern.com/, is not one I have looked at before. SnOasis is definitely getting closer now but this site was originally put together to oppose the building of the centre.

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