• Giving better presentations – 7 tips

    Came across this blog the other day. 7 Tips for giving better presentations, this is from Stefan Lindegaard after he received from feedback from Steve Sharpiro after a presentation. Anyway the steps are reproduced here direct from the blog. I can certainly related to all items especially 1, 3 and 4.


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  • Need some storage will 120 Petabytes do?

    IBM research has just built the worlds largest storage array, all 120 Petabytes, consisting of 200,00 individual drives. Even the indexing takes up 2 PB itself!

    The numbers are just amazing, all that music and all those movies that I could storage. Anyway details are here.


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  • Three Questions for Effective Feedback

    Received a post earlier today about receiving feedback from people who you work with on projects. Typically people only make time to give you feedback when it is that review time of year, getting feedback during the year is often a challenge and also the feedback is rarely reflective of what they should be saying.

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  • So much to keep learning…

    One thing I love about being involved in the technology sector is just how much you continue to learn every day, in fact more than anyone can keep pace with. I have several feeds setup in Google Reader which I follow and try to ensure a good hour a day is spent reading through them, I come across so many things which mean keeping abreast of what is going on is challenging but fun! Sometimes I post things here or on my Twitter account, @bernardwright.

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  • Recent Riots

    It’s been a crazy week in England this past week with all the riots taking place and it is now over a week since the original shooting which sparked of the first set, but since then it has clearly just been riots for the sake of trouble and the chance to loot many of the places these people rely on for their daily lives!

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  • Ambition Camp

    Last week Natasha spent the week at the Ipswich ski centre attending the Ambition Camp. It has been running for at least five years now and each year she loves it. This year was no exception and it paid dividends today at training.

    Ambition have posted a blog along with some video, click here to have a read. there are many camps around the country during the summer and they are well worth attending, most kids certainly pick up something.

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  • London blog

    Earlier today cam across a new blog about London and things happening there, http://www.ianvisits.co.uk/blog/. What drew me to the site was this particular blog post focusing on the visit to the Brompton Road tube station which is disused. Some excellent photos and some good history about the underground there.

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  • Litter Bugs

    Yesterday I was out on the bike cycling around the back rounds here and crossing some of the main ones where necessary. Often go out but yesterday I noticed just how much litter was on the side of the road in the hedges, it was cans, plastic bottles, the odd carrier bag with rubbish.

    I just find it incredible that people do that, they are just so lazy and have not pride about their surroundings and environment. It doesn’t take any effort to take the rubbish home or the nearest bin, but instead some of these people just throw things out of the car window.

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