• Annoying Tesco car parking

    So what is it about so many UK drivers that they just don’t know how to park a car? When I park in a supermarket car park such as Tesco I always park further away from the door where there are plenty of spaces so that no one is parked next to me and therefore no chance of anyone scratching the car. Great in theory but so often when I come out of the shop some numpty has decided it would be a great idea to park next to me, why when there are so many free spaces nearby?

    So when in France last week and as normal do the same in a car park, where there are plenty of spaces. Come back at the end of skiing and what do I find? Yep some numpty has parked next to me and there are still loads of spaces nearby and what makes it worse is that it is a UK driver! Same happened another day.

    Grrrrr rant over :)

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