• Matt, Albert and Mongolia

    An excellent blog to read over the coming year is this one, Matt Givertz does 60. I’ve known Matt for a few years and he has done some very interesting trips and is certainly a dab hand at photography. One thing for sure is that you will find it extremely entertaining and enjoyable. So here is a picture of Albert and to meet Matt head over to his blog.


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  • ERSA Schools Race

    Last weekend it was back to the summer season racing with the first race at Ipswich , the third ERSA schools race. This is one of the hardest and most time consuming race to organise and for the last two years it has been down to just a few of us to get it sorted on top of the other races. Last year we said that unless we got help there wouldn’t be one this year. Fortunately there was a great response and in stepped a few people to help get things going this year and it made it a lot easier to get things done and on the day have a great time.


    This year the race took place at the Ipswich ski centre and it was an incredibly hot day, which was a surprise considering the weather either side of the race, so much so that I and a couple of others managed to get sunburnt! Still a bit tender this week.

    There was a bit of concern about numbers this year as we have moved the race from Welwyn just to try something different and several schools in Hertfordshire decided it was too far to travel, but there was nothing to worry about in the end and we had just as many as last year. Almost 290 registered for the race but as always we had a few drop out at the last minute. The other thing we did differently was hold the u12 race through stubbies in the morning with about 130 racers and the rest of the racers, u14 and above in the afternoon. So we ended up running two races in one day, tiring but well worth it.

    It is madness leading up to the race but on race day it runs perfectly and is a lot of fun and good to catch up with people you haven’t seen much off over the winter. It is also clear that the kids love it to and that is what makes it worthwhile. Below is a bunch of kids from Littlegarth school.


    Overall the day went of very smoothly and for the first race of the season was an amazing success. There will be another one next year and you never know we may even expand on it. But for now we are preparing for the next set of races. Another first and something different next weekend is that we are running two ERSA races in one weekend, Welwyn on Saturday followed by Hemel on Sunday. Long and tiring weekend but should be fun.

    The one weekend I am looking forward to a lot is the Norfolk and Ipswich weekend when some of us will be heading to Trongs for dinner, always delightful pleasure.

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  • Working from the Nexus

    So this is the first time I have installed the WordPress app on the Nexus and thought I would see how good it is working on here to publish something. So far so good although not sure how I will get photos into a post. What it will do is make it easier to do more posts rather than lugging the laptop around.

    I’ve had a Nexus 10 for a couple of weeks now and love it far more than the Nexus 7 I have, this is so much more flexible especially the keyboard. So here goes let’s see how the photo insertion works.

    So as you can see I am sipping away at great pint of beer down at the pub, Adnams Ghostship. Always tastes good and is a good place to think things through away from the main PC.

    Time to post and see what it looks like all from the Nexus

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