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    Can be applied to so many things …


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  • Suite Francaise

    sfToday headed over to Abbeygate cinema to watch something different, Suite Francaise. I wasn’t sure what to expect and to be honest I didn’t think it would be my kind of thing. However I was proved wrong and it turned out to be an excellent film and well worth watching.

    It’s a story of forbidden love in a time of turmoil for the French. Set in France 1940 in the first days of the occupation and follows the main character Lucile as she struggles with the overpowering mother-in-law and the conflicts of love when the Germans arrive in their town and a German officer stays with them.

    At times it is quite sad but many others the complete opposite. While it deals with the conflicts or war in what was surely a frightening time you still come away with a good feeling having seen a well acted film and shot incredibly well.

    The film is based on an unfinished novel by Irene Nemirovsky. The two novels portray life in France between 4th June 1940 and 1st July 1941. She was arrested on the 13th July 1942 and was sent to Auschwitz where she died. The manuscripts were kept by her daughter who didn’t look at them for fifty years and when she finally did they were turned into books and ultimately the film.

    Anyway definitely a film to watch.


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  • Training for my challenge …


    CLIC Sargent

    This year I decided to set myself a different challenge and that was to enter the Ipswich Half Marathon in September and compete it in a decent time. Now this may not seem like much of a challenge to many people but running is not something I enjoy or have ever enjoyed, I would much rather get on the bike and cycle a few miles here and there. It was something that I knew I would have to force myself to do and get to like in order to take part.

    Deciding to do this in January at least meant I had a few months to get enough training in and make sure I can get around in one piece. My target time is 2h 30mins at max but am hoping I can do it in much less time. Never done this distance before but with a bit of luck if I stick to the training I should be there by August.

    I am training every week and making sure I get in the miles and so far going fairly well. Trying to get time to go at least twice a week but sometimes it is very difficult with the work schedule but with the brighter evenings hoping it will become a bit easier. Have found that if I miss a week it is incredible difficult the next time I run, plus I would much prefer to do something else, but then know I need to get out and go for it. The challenge is making sure I do not miss much training. In January I had nine months now just six months how quick time goes by.

    It will be worth the hard work though and looking forward to achieving the distance. It will make it even more worthwhile raising money for CLIC Sargent for Children with Cancer. There is nothing worse then seeing kids suffering but they just get on with life however they are feeling. It’s very unfair they are struck down so early in life and while I may find it hard work running that small distance it is nothing in comparison to what they have to go through.

    Please support CLIC for their work and sponsor me at my Just Giving page.

    Thanks for your support.



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