• Four weeks and counting..

    Slowly getting there and with four weeks to go now up to 11 miles. The Ipswich Half Marathon is on Sunday 20th September. When I said I would do it seemed like months away and it was, but boy it is close now. At the time I thought I had plenty of time to get up to the distance and even planned out each month. However things are very different when working long hours and so many other things happening at weekends.So my training has been very sporadic but I have been fine doing about 5-6 miles without any hassles. However in the past month I knew I had to up the pace and training and make sure I am ready for September. So managed to make sure that I went for a long run each weekend regardless of the weather and once or twice during the week for a short run. So far so good and last weekend go to the 11 mile mark. Now with four weeks to go I know I will get there and then the next question is what sort of time…

    I am raising funds for CLIC and my page can be found here please donate.


    After this one need to work out the next challenge :)

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  • Bury Wolf Trail

    Bury St Edmunds has been running a Wolf Trail in the town for the past few weeks, since 20th July and it will be around until 20th November. There are 26 wolves around town of different shapes. Today had a wonder round town and there were lots of families with kids going round the trail and looking for the wolves. While wondering around took a few photos but certainly didn’t find all 26, maybe next weekend! Full of the trail are here. A few photos from today.

    DSC_7610_01 DSC_7619_01



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