• Bury St Edmunds

    DSC_1812If you like visiting towns that have a lot of history and some very good architecture then it can do you no harm to visit Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk. The place has a wonderful cathedral and always puts in a lot of effort to ensure people come and visit. The Abbey Gardens being a major attraction.

    Yesterday morning I decided to crawl out of bed early as it was going to be a clear morning and headed into town with the camera and tripod to get a few shots of the sun rising. The actual sunrise itself was not that impressive this time but I managed to get a few shots form the gardens. Before the gardens were open I spent a bit of time on Angel Hill playing around with the settings taking a few pictures of the cathedral tower and gardens entrance.


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  • Star Wars – The Force Awakens

    Star Wars The Force AwakensAfter all the hype of the past year Star Wars The Force Awakens was finally released on the 17th December. So there I was sat comfortably in the cinema at Abbeygate (which is an excellent place to go) at 00.01 on the 17th waiting with anticipation. At midnight the last thing you want to see are the normal cinema trailers but I suppose they are still obliged to show them but once they were out of the way the film started.

    The usual start you would expect from a Star Wards film and straight into the action. It is not long before we are introduced to the main characters. The new main characters were excellent and very fresh, Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Finn (John Boyega), both slotted into their roles incredibly well. With some of the older characters coming back it made for an excellent film.

    The original Star Wars (Episodes IV, V, VI) were excellent mainly because they had new cast members and the films felt ‘lived in’ and not the polished finished you got with many science fiction films of the time. However the next trilogy (episodes I, II, III) were a disaster not just for the poor casting but everything was just too polished and cleaned. The Force Awakens returns to the original theme and certainly feels ‘lived in’. The one surprise was the killing of Han Solo, didn’t see that one coming! Will they find a way to bring him back or not…

    I’ve seen it in both 2D and 3D and it was good in both forms. It was surprisingly good in 3D but I still prefer the 2D offering. So will I see it again, probably soon but can’t wait for episode VIII in May 2017.

    score: 9/10 (always room for improvement)

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