• Manchester

    manchester-united.altimgManchester is famous for two things;

    1. I was born and raised there :)
    2. Manchester United, once the best club in the world but having a few challenges now.

    I moved to Suffolk many years ago but haven’t forgotten where I came from. Over the years though I have been back on many occasions mainly for family events but more recently it has been less frequently. In January I was back there for a day visiting the client for my current project. Took the train up to Piccadilly and spent the morning around there. Before my train back I have a couple of hours spare and took a wander around the place. Considering that Piccadilly station is the main one in the city you would think that the area around it would something special, but in fact you will be very disappointed.

    I wandered around for a while but everywhere I went it looked very run down and neglected. The whole area just needs a lot TLC, loads of rubbish around. It was a great shame to see the place like that. I am sure there are areas which are much better looked after but what I saw didn’t inspire me to return very soon.

    Hopefully I just saw it on an off day.

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