• Does the world ever change?

    logoIf you are in Amsterdam over the coming weeks, before the 10th July and have a couple of spare hours then I strongly recommend you head over to a very good exhibition at the De Nieuwe Kark in central Amsterdam. It is a fantastic building both outside and inside and just visiting for that is worth it. However at the moment World Press Photo have an exhibition in the building promoting the work of visual journalists. It is an exhibition full of amazing photographs from around the world covering many happy subjects but also some incredible sad and moving topics.

    As you walk in there is an impressive board showing the photo of the year from 1955 through to present day and there are many on there which you will recognise. There is also a new project ‘Streets of the World‘ showing photographs from Jereon Swolfs as he has visited most countries in the world over the past seven years. Well worth spending time looking at these and the large projected display they have on show.
    DSC_4738DSC_4737As you move around the place the photos continue to make big impact ranging from those taken many years ago to some as recent as April. Many of the photos show the hardship people continue to live through in different parts of the world and the crazy behavouir of human kind. I took a couple of snaps of just a few of the photos to give you an idea of what to expect.

    The Syrian conflict is represented in several photographs and it is looking into the eyes of people that is so haunting, just a few weeks ago. Also the terrible impact of conflicts around the world and it is the children who suffer the most along with the very poor.




    Sometimes the photographer is just in the right place at the right time.



    Don’t forget to admire the beauty of the building while you are wondering around it compliments the photography incredibly well.

    One thing that jumps out after looking at the exhibition is just how little the world has changed over the years. Going back to the photographs from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s you see the same themes continuing, the same pain in people’s eyes, the same tragedy happening across the world. Have we really progressed that much? Some ways yes, many no.

    Overall a fantastic exhibition, go and see it, details here.

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