About Me

About Me

I’ve not had an About Me on here before as I think my blog probably gives a fairly good idea of who I am and there are enough references to me online in different place, but I thought it was about time I summarised myself here, the question is what to say?

Why do I have this website and why post anything? Simple really it is a good place to express my own thoughts and opinions and also somewhere I can post reminders of things to look at in greater depth. At the same time posting a blog here every so often is quite therapeutic at times especially when a rant is required (which unfortunately happens way too often in the skiing world).

So there are two main areas to my life, work obviously and what I do outside which is consumed by Skiing. At work I am involved in the IT industry and love it, it is constantly changing and is always challenging. I come from a software development background in the 90’s and have spent most of my career working in small companies where you can make a huge difference. The last few years though I have worked for the consulting arm of Logica on a central UK government programme, which has been very interesting and has offered many different challenges.

Above all though what interests me most about the industry is the future and how things keep changing and improving. For many years I have had been involved in social media in various forms and find that a fascinating area especially the potential it has for the future not just for individuals but also companies. There is so much potential for the future and the opportunities are endless. Tie all this in with the advances in augmented reality and the advances in mobile technology and it all becomes even more interesting. Many people related social media to gimmicks and fun and this applies to mobile devices, but in reality for businesses there is a huge potential to engage with end users much more and enhance the reputation of companies.

I could go on for hours about technology but I will just use the blog here to post things that interest me.

So what occupies my spare time? Skiing, skiing and skiing, some would say too much and I would probably agree but I do enjoy it. Both my kids have been interested in Alpine Ski Racing for the past few years and as a result I am now actively involved in the organisation of many races. I am the chair of the Eastern Region Snowsports Association, (ERSA www.ersa.co.uk) and since taking over in 2009 I have built up a successful team in the region where we run the most successful summer series of races in the UK. I get a tremendous buzz from running the races and being in a position to ensure we make progress, make the decisions which are important, build up the sponsorship of the events. Now we are in a position where there is a very good base to the region which in turn means we can develop the racers. There are many challenges especially at the national level but nothing was meant to be easy. My focus with the skiing is to continue building the region, improving the sponsorship, improving the quality of races and ultimately improve what we offer the racers so that they can develop to the next levels and provide some sort of pathway. The organisation of the races takes up a huge amount of time including the maintenance of the website and social media activities. But one thing for sure I am very proud of what I have achieved with some very good friends in the region and the innovation we have brought. Again I will be using my blog to post things relating to skiing.


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