• Jessops and Customer Service

    jessops75_logoFor many years Jessops camera shop was on most of our high streets and I for one rarely entered them. Clearly most other people did the same and they eventually hit financial problems and in January 2013 all 187 stores had to close. In stepped Peter Jones, of Dragons Den fame, and he started on the transformation of the company first opening 6 of the stores and today there are 37 across the country.  The one in Bury St Edmunds is in a good location and is far more inviting to enter than many of the others in the past. At the time Peter took over you did have to wonder how he would ensure the success of the business in the future. Two key areas of success of any business are the people that work for you and the engagement with your customers and he has certainly cracked it.

    The store is Bury is always busy and the staff are very approachable and helpful. Recently I purchased a new camera from Jessops online. They price match so cost was not an issue, sure I could have got it cheaper abroad but I wanted somewhere nearby. I went into the store for some additional bits and pieces and the staff member was very helpful and in the end improved on the order I had placed online, why was that? Simple the staff member who was extremely helpful and trustworthy.

    Today I needed a couple of other bits so went online to jessops.com, found what I wanted and placed my order to collect from the local store. That was at 15:15 and the confirmation email said it would be ready to collect at 16:14. At 15:25 I received a phone call from the store to say it was ready for collection and soon after an email confirming the same. Headed of to the store, again staff helpful and had the order there ready and all sorted in less than half an hour.

    I will definitely go back to Jessops in future rather than ordering from somewhere else online even if I can get it cheaper all because they understand who the customer is and how to treat them. There are so many other businesses out there that could learn from Peter Jones and Jessops, if only they would. It is the same message Richard Branson often covers about looking after your staff who will in turn look after your customers.

    Now time to look at the purchases :)

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  • Synology

    Recently my IOMega NAS drive gave up the ghost and stopped working. It’s the second one to give up in four years, very disappointing and will be the last time I go for one of those. The Buffalo drive continues to hum along nicely though. Repair work on the IOMega didn’t bring it back to life. So time to get something more reliable and so the hunt started.


    I know a few people who have Synology drives and after spending time looking through the various options I went for the Synology DS214+ with 2 * 3TB drives. Having had the drive for the past few weeks I am annoyed that I didn’t give one a try a long time ago. They are excellent. Really well made, small and incredibly quiet. I set my drives up as Raid 1 and now have most of the things on there I need. Performance is brilliant and you can see the difference in the speed on the network. It has 2 USB 3 ports on the back and if you plug an external USB drive in there you can copy from the NAS to the USB at exceptional speeds. They come with built in management software which is very extensive, easy to use and well featured. All I have to do now is get the remote access working through the router, that is proving easier said than done though.

    So if you need a NAS device it is well worth spending the extra money and going for something like the Synology.

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  • Grand Prix Sponsors

    It has just been announced that Inghams will be the new Sponsors of the Dry Slope Grand Prix series for 2008 – 2010. That’s excellent news for the sport especially after the hiccup this year of not having a sponsor ready at the start of the season, although I understand how hard it is to gain sponsorship!

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