What is DevOps? I recently came across the term DevOps when reading up on a blog, at first I didn’t take much notice about it, but unfortunately I was caught out when chatting to someone in more depth and was asked about DevOps, and I didn’t really know enough about it.

Later I thought it was definitely worth reading more about DevOps and see what people are really talking about. What is clear from the outset is that like most things it is a cultural thing and if you want a true definition of what DevOps is then you are going to find many different definitions. Even listening to this article there are two different views about what it means to use a DevOps approach. What is clear though is that it can be compared more to Agile development but with greater involvement from the operations teams.

Today in the role I work in I can see how this would definitely help the operations teams understand what they support, and if they were involved early on in the cycle it would certainly help. In previous roles though before joining Logica I was involved in development where similar approaches were taken to DevOps. Especially at Midentity were the operations guys were heavily involved in the development of the applications and visa versa, that certainly paid dividends.

With more and more being done in the cloud now it is clear that IT departments and development staff are going to have to adapt to the changing landscape. For some it will work while for others it will just not be right.

Definitely worth more of a read and here are a couple more articles for now, although there are plenty out there.

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