Broadband reaching villages

So I live in a village which is on the edge of the distance from the local exchange for broadband. If you receive it through the main house phone, which many do here, then you will be lucky to get 0.5mb download, plus it is very unstable. So to squeeze a little more down the pipe I had a second line installed here which is dedicated to broadband. Now that works pretty well, is very stable and I am generally able to get about 1mb download which is much better.

However this is still not good enough as I really need increased speed to do the various things I want. So I have been looking at what other options exist. There are a few around, but many are very expensive and not practical. However this week came across this on the BBC,, of a setup at a village in Lincolnshire where they get 100mb through the fibre and 1GB (!!) around the village.

Two other sites to keep an eye on relating to this are Fibrestream and this blog.

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