St Pancras station

The other night I was in London for a couple of days and staying overnight as normal and Natasha also spent the day in London with friends. They were staying overnight and she was staying with them. My hotel very close to Warren street tube station and they were staying over at Farringdon.

So Natasha came back with me to my hotel and then I walked over to Farringdon with her late at night. It had been snowing in London that day so the pavements were a bit tricky. But wondering through London at 10.30pm and chatting about the things that are around down Euston Road, it was fascinating. So many times I walk through London but don’t get the chance to see things and enjoy what is there, you become blind to so much, often hear people say they don’t have time for London. During the summer it was great wondering around looking at so many places when staying down there.

On this evening walking along Euston Road I was pointing out various places to Natasha. Coming up to St Pancras station I was trying to explain just how stunning the building is now that it has been transformed. In the end decided it was easier to take her in there and show her. It was great seeing the look on her face when we walked into the main concourse area and seeing her trying to comprehend the vast size of the place. It was very strange walking through the station though as I have never been through it when it has been so quiet, quite spooky really. In the middle there was a large ice sculpture though which was impressive, different than the one there a few days ago.

It was great walking along there and getting some good time to chat to her about things and not just about the shopping, and lovely hearing her ask so many questions about the places along the way. Finally found the destination and deposited her for her nights sleep before heading back to my cosy bed away from the girlie chatter :)

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