Norfolk Races

This weekend saw the Club National on Saturday and the first of the SSE Grand Prix on Sunday at Norfolk.

The weather forecast for the weekend was wet wet wet. However we were very lucky on Saturday as the sun was out most of the day so much so I managed to get a bit of sun burn on the head! that’s one of the advantages of the outdoor races and it produces a much better atmosphere. Of course great when the sun is out but not so good when it is the rain.

A good number turned out for the race from all over the country (shows that there is still a strong demand for outdoor racing as well as indoor racing, post here) and on Saturday Phil Elliot set a good course which caught quite a few out during the third run. As is the case with many an outdoor race there was some excellent racing from the top end racers who are always on the edge trying to be the best. But in the end it was Mr CN Michael Molloy who triumphed with a clear margin from Harry Hornsby and Andrew Watson. Sarah Lambden took the top honours in the female race ahead of Caroline Powell and Alex Bullock.

Saturday was another good chance to catch up with many people who I haven’t seen much over the past few months and sort out a lot of things on the regional front. So a very profitable day in the end.

Sunday saw the first Grand Prix of the season taking place with new sponsors, Aosta Valley, and again the weather held of pretty well with the exception of a few drops of rain but nothing like it was during the night, although it was definitely cold out there but I still managed with my shorts :) That was good news though (the dry weather that is) as again it made for some exciting racing on both runs. Yet again Michael was on fire and took first place overall and Sophie Skipper taking the female race. A good couple of courses especially the second one which was quite different and added something different.

The results for both races are attached at the bottom of this page.

There are some very tough age groups out there at the moment and a lot of promising racers, but again very good to see so many there. So next weekend sees the first LSERSA race taking place at Welwyn and the first of the Beck Indoor series taking place at Milton Keynes, good luck to all those taking part.

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