Olympic Stadium at Stratford

Each week I go past Stratford on the train to London and off course there is one of the biggest building sites around next to the station. There is a huge amount of building work taking place in readiness for the Olympics in the non too distinct future. Sure the Olympics don’t happen until 2012 but in reality it’s not that far away when you look at when they still have to complete.

Over the past year you have been able to see a lot of movement with the infrastructure, roads, builds, rail. The main stadium has been built up over the past few months and starting to look quite impressive and is clear they are focusing on the inside of stadium now.

The roof to the Aquatics Centre went up pretty quickly but for the past few weeks it has been incredibly difficult to see what other progress has been made! It’s one of those structures you look at and think they have so far to go yet they must be working on the insides now.

Stratford is a good station to hold the Olympics near and it is a good job it is so close to London and on the tube line as the normal rail service is dreadful. Can already see there are going to be delays sometime next year as the additional infrastructure for the trains is added.

Overall the site is looking good and hopefully the finished product will do the place justice. The official website is here. Worth having a look around and viewing some of the photos and webcams.


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