• Star Men

    smWent to see Star Men today at the Abbeygate cinema, it was a very late booking and was the only time they are showing this at the cinema. Glad I did go along as it was excellent and something very different from the recent films that I have seen. It is four retired English astronomers who are all in their 70’s now who decided to celebrate the 50 years since they studied at the California Institute of Technology and where they often went on various roadtrips out into the middle of nowhere. It is documentary style and they interview each of the astronomers as they go through the film. It is amazing how much they did in their lifetime and how they contributed to the field quite humbling really. They were joined by Alison Rose who produced the documentary and encouraged them to talk more about what they achieved and life today.

    They reproduced the road trip to Rainbow Bridge in Utah with two of them and Alison walking for a couple of days. It was clearly a lot tougher for the guys than they remembered event the fit one Roger Griffin who runs the London marathon each year and last time was in 3hrs 57 mins! It was funny listening to them chat about things and one of them still wearing his shirt and tie walking through the hot Utah desert. They made it in the end and the bridge was incredibly impressive. It was incredibly listening to them talk about the universe and just how vast it is and their findings. Does make you think just how little we explore places in our own lives!

    It was a very pleasant hour and a half and well worth watching if you get the chance. Will give this one 8/10.



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  • Bury Christmas Doors

    This morning thought I would do something a little different before the rain arrived for the day here in Bury St Edmunds (map). Lots of houses hang some sort of wreath out on the door over the Christmas period and being the last weekend before most will come down it was now or never to record some of those which have been used this year. Many traditional but at the same time a lot which are quite individual in taste. Anyway below are a selection of those I managed to get pictures of before the heavens opened. Original photos can be found here.

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  • Bury St Edmunds

    DSC_1812If you like visiting towns that have a lot of history and some very good architecture then it can do you no harm to visit Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk. The place has a wonderful cathedral and always puts in a lot of effort to ensure people come and visit. The Abbey Gardens being a major attraction.

    Yesterday morning I decided to crawl out of bed early as it was going to be a clear morning and headed into town with the camera and tripod to get a few shots of the sun rising. The actual sunrise itself was not that impressive this time but I managed to get a few shots form the gardens. Before the gardens were open I spent a bit of time on Angel Hill playing around with the settings taking a few pictures of the cathedral tower and gardens entrance.


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  • Star Wars – The Force Awakens

    Star Wars The Force AwakensAfter all the hype of the past year Star Wars The Force Awakens was finally released on the 17th December. So there I was sat comfortably in the cinema at Abbeygate (which is an excellent place to go) at 00.01 on the 17th waiting with anticipation. At midnight the last thing you want to see are the normal cinema trailers but I suppose they are still obliged to show them but once they were out of the way the film started.

    The usual start you would expect from a Star Wards film and straight into the action. It is not long before we are introduced to the main characters. The new main characters were excellent and very fresh, Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Finn (John Boyega), both slotted into their roles incredibly well. With some of the older characters coming back it made for an excellent film.

    The original Star Wars (Episodes IV, V, VI) were excellent mainly because they had new cast members and the films felt ‘lived in’ and not the polished finished you got with many science fiction films of the time. However the next trilogy (episodes I, II, III) were a disaster not just for the poor casting but everything was just too polished and cleaned. The Force Awakens returns to the original theme and certainly feels ‘lived in’. The one surprise was the killing of Han Solo, didn’t see that one coming! Will they find a way to bring him back or not…

    I’ve seen it in both 2D and 3D and it was good in both forms. It was surprisingly good in 3D but I still prefer the 2D offering. So will I see it again, probably soon but can’t wait for episode VIII in May 2017.

    score: 9/10 (always room for improvement)

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  • The Martian

    maxresdefaultIf you haven’t seen The Martian with Matt Damon go and see it excellent film and well worth a visit. I ended up seeing it twice and I found it just as entertaining the second time around. As with most films nowadays I headed to Abbeygate and sat back and relaxed.
    Matt Damon was excellent in the role and perfectly cast (looking forward to the new Bourne film when it is released). Ridley Scott again creating a master piece, serious in many places it was also very funny. I know there will be people out there saying the science is not right and such and such a scene would not be possible but to be honest it was so well cast and filmed you could believe that this could happen. What also made the film stand out was the sound track, very different to many films and a lot of excellent music most of which the kids have probably never heard before.
    Definitely a 9/10 for me.
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  • Back to the Future II

    back-futureThere was a lot of press coverage about the 21st October 2015 and Back to the Future II and how accurate it was. The local cinema, Abbeygate, had a special showing on that night so I headed over there into the comfy seats with a glass of red in hand. Whilst most of the press was focused on what technology had come to fruition I was really just interested in watching an entertaining film which I had not seen in many years and certainly not seen in the cinema since its release in 1989.
    1989 wow was it that long ago since the release and seeing it the first time at the flea pit in Colchester? 2015 must have seemed an eternity away at that point. So I settled down for a good couple of hours and I was not disappointed. Even after all this time I found it good, easy and enjoyable to watch. I love the way the story is intertwined with the first film and I think it works very well. I didn’t find the third film quite as good but it was still entertaining. I came out of the cinema relaxed after having a good couple of hours watching the film in a very relaxing environment. For me if you leave the cinema feeling good about what you have seen then the film has achieved something what it should to entertain people.
    Do love going to Abbeygate they have some very good films on throughout the year from the past and always good to see them again.
    Think I will give this 8/10.
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  • Four weeks and counting..

    Slowly getting there and with four weeks to go now up to 11 miles. The Ipswich Half Marathon is on Sunday 20th September. When I said I would do it seemed like months away and it was, but boy it is close now. At the time I thought I had plenty of time to get up to the distance and even planned out each month. However things are very different when working long hours and so many other things happening at weekends.So my training has been very sporadic but I have been fine doing about 5-6 miles without any hassles. However in the past month I knew I had to up the pace and training and make sure I am ready for September. So managed to make sure that I went for a long run each weekend regardless of the weather and once or twice during the week for a short run. So far so good and last weekend go to the 11 mile mark. Now with four weeks to go I know I will get there and then the next question is what sort of time…

    I am raising funds for CLIC and my page can be found here please donate.


    After this one need to work out the next challenge :)

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  • Bury Wolf Trail

    Bury St Edmunds has been running a Wolf Trail in the town for the past few weeks, since 20th July and it will be around until 20th November. There are 26 wolves around town of different shapes. Today had a wonder round town and there were lots of families with kids going round the trail and looking for the wolves. While wondering around took a few photos but certainly didn’t find all 26, maybe next weekend! Full of the trail are here. A few photos from today.

    DSC_7610_01 DSC_7619_01



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  • So many choices ..

    One of the really good things about living in Bury is the excellent choice of bars and restaurants. So many to choose from but usually end up at the same few. The Masons (Facebook) excellent Green King pub, in fact being in the home of Green King their main testing pub, Petrus Wine Bar (Facebook) best steak in town and friendly welcome, Abbeygate Cinema (Facebook) best cakes and Sunday Brunch, the Old Cannon Brewery (Facebook) with their excellent choice of home brewed beers. All perfect for the summer. :)

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  • Matt, Sarah and Albert departing soon …

    Wow amazing to think that it is exactly a year ago that I posted Matt, Albert and Mongolia. So since then the two of them are joined by Sarah, Matt’s ex, and they all head of on the 6th June from Potton. Albert has changed quite a bit since then and can easily see from the photos below and Matt has posted more on his blog. They are still looking for sponsorship which you can do online.

    If you want to see what 18,000 miles looks like have a look at the map of the journey and you will see just how far they are going. You will also be able to track them online.

    Good luck to all and please spare some money for them.DSCN0214_wDSC_0193



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