DSC_1392Back in 2015 I finally treated myself to a camera that gave me much more flexibility and explore the wonder of taking photographs of all sorts of subjects. I’ve had an interest in photography for a long time but nothing too serious but now it is time to develop my skills and take it to the next step.

Things really took off in 2016 as I took a step back from the skiing and dedicated more time to photography. I am not sure where I want to focus and to be honest I think it is too early for that so I have been taking photographs of a variety of subjects. I have also been on a number of courses, small but focused which have been excellent and really helped develop my technique and understanding.

If you are looking for good tuition take a look at Joe Lenton and the Jessops¬†experience. I’ve covered long exposure, portrait, big cat sanctuary, birds of prey, urban.

I have posted some of my favourite photographs on Viewbug, take a look at my profile. I will be adding to this over the coming months. I have many photographs printed in different sizes and on view around the home and I have taken the plunge and decided to exhibit then in 2017 in Bury. Nothing like a challenge.