Making racing a little more affordable

We are well into the winter season racing now with kids and parents travelling all over the place to take part in races in various countries. But it won’t be be that long before the summer season is upon us once again. As with the past few years the number of races available to people is high and if you wanted you could race virtually every weekend (pity the kids that have to do that what about a break?).

There is already a lot of preparation work going into the races for the summer and it will be interesting to see what the attendance figures are like with the level of races taking place, types of races, peer pressure to enter certain races, and the economic climate.

One of the aims of Snowsport England is to increase participation in Snowsports in England over the coming years and this filters down to the regions and the clubs. So how can everyone help to improve the participation? There are various ways of trying to increase the numbers and one of them is hopefully through a financial approach.

In the Eastern region we have held out race entry fee to £9 yet again for another season, with the exception of the indoor race which will cost more but we are trying to hold that at £15. Unfortunately nationally the race entry fee for an outdoor club national has been increased to £17 this year, an increase of £1 (just over 6%) with another £1 increase scheduled for next year. May not seem a lot but there are many families who have more than one person taking part and why should they pay more? Alongside that the cost of hosting a club national has also been increased :(

Anyway enough of that one, more on that sometime in the future. In an attempt to help increase the numbers taking part in national races at Ipswich I recently proposed that we help people with the race entry fee and see how that helps. So this year the club will be subsidising the Club National and Grand Prix entries by 50%, which will benefit all racers wishing to take part. It may help may not, who knows but we will review it at the end of the year and see what the response is like, hopefully we will have seen some increase in numbers. I know some other clubs have a similar approach, wonder how many though.

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