Looking back and into the Future

Every so often you read something that takes your mind back over the past decade and you realise just how much things have changed on the technology front.

Going back even further is frightening at times. I can remember a little over 20 years ago when working for a company called Pont Data for a brief period I had the fastest desktop in the company, a i386 with 12mb (yes that’s right 12mb) of RAM. I installed OS/2 using 3.5inch floppy disks, oh the fun.

Anyway back to present, well the last decade. I have followed Robert Scoble for many years since his time at Microsoft and if you are interested in what is happening in technology in the future,especially new startups, then you should follow him and probably best place to start is over at Google+ now. He is a very heavy user of blogs, Twitter and anything else he can find!

He recently posted about the fact he has been blogging for 11 years now, read it here, just amazing how many things have changed in that time and one thing is certain the next decade things will change even more quickly. Worth a read.

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