• 1917

    So started the new year and back at Abbeygate cinema to see a fantastic film 1917, by Sam Mendes, 1917Set in the Spring of 1917 in northern France, two British soldiers are given a mission to hand deliver a message to the Devonshire regiment calling off the planned attack the following morning. The story then follows the journey across the front line and through to the Devonshire regiment and the two hours shoots by incredibly quickly. What makes this even more appealing is the emotional connection you make to the characters, particularly the lead soldier Schofield played by George MacKay. The one thing that really works really well is the way the film was made in one shot, this works so well.

    If you have the time go and see it, also the sort of film that should be shown at school to educate our younger generation.


    Looking at my blog looking at last year there are a lot of films that I didn’t talk about will definitely post about those shortly.



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  • So many choices ..

    One of the really good things about living in Bury is the excellent choice of bars and restaurants. So many to choose from but usually end up at the same few. The Masons (Facebook) excellent Green King pub, in fact being in the home of Green King their main testing pub, Petrus Wine Bar (Facebook) best steak in town and friendly welcome, Abbeygate Cinema (Facebook) best cakes and Sunday Brunch, the Old Cannon Brewery (Facebook) with their excellent choice of home brewed beers. All perfect for the summer. :)

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  • The Final Curtain

    In 1995 the only web browser you heard about was Netscape, there were one or two others around but nothing had the market presence of Netscape, well over 90% of the market in the early days. There was all sort of talk that Netscape was the next Microsoft and that Netscape would dominate the PC browser for years to come. At the time many people believed this to be the case but how many times have you heard it said that someone was going to dislodge Microsoft, even in those days?

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