• Back to the Future II

    back-futureThere was a lot of press coverage about the 21st October 2015 and Back to the Future II and how accurate it was. The local cinema, Abbeygate, had a special showing on that night so I headed over there into the comfy seats with a glass of red in hand. Whilst most of the press was focused on what technology had come to fruition I was really just interested in watching an entertaining film which I had not seen in many years and certainly not seen in the cinema since its release in 1989.
    1989 wow was it that long ago since the release and seeing it the first time at the flea pit in Colchester? 2015 must have seemed an eternity away at that point. So I settled down for a good couple of hours and I was not disappointed. Even after all this time I found it good, easy and enjoyable to watch. I love the way the story is intertwined with the first film and I think it works very well. I didn’t find the third film quite as good but it was still entertaining. I came out of the cinema relaxed after having a good couple of hours watching the film in a very relaxing environment. For me if you leave the cinema feeling good about what you have seen then the film has achieved something what it should to entertain people.
    Do love going to Abbeygate they have some very good films on throughout the year from the past and always good to see them again.
    Think I will give this 8/10.
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  • St Pancras station

    The other night I was in London for a couple of days and staying overnight as normal and Natasha also spent the day in London with friends. They were staying overnight and she was staying with them. My hotel very close to Warren street tube station and they were staying over at Farringdon.

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  • The value of money

    Was out today with the young one and we were looking for a Christmas tree over at the farm. We get a real one each year and they always have a great selection there, but find that we have to get one earlier each year to make sure we get a decent one.

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  • ESSKIA Qualifying Rounds

    Sunday went over to Gosling ski centre at Welwyn Garden City for the ESSKIA qualifier. This year we had three teams taking part, although at one point thought it was going to end up being just two with so many withdrawing, but fortunately found another couple of girls who were keen to take part and they did extremely well.

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