• 2013: The year we all went ‘mobile’

    2013 has certainly seen a huge step forward with mobile technology and the greater acceptance from people that you can do almost anything on the move. The BBC published this article (from where I got the title) earlier this week and they make quite a few good points but only lightly touch on some of the key challenges. Everywhere you turn now you see people using tablet devices or just their mobiles to either continue working outside of the traditional office or just keep up to date with the latest gossip.

    There are many aspects of modern world which lend themselves perfectly to mobile devices and working on the move or remotely at home. The mobile workforce will be something that continues to increase over the coming years. The volume of data created on a daily basis is now just unimaginable. However the article only touches on one of the major challenges, security.

    There is a lot of talk about Bring Your Own Device, BYOD, and again there are many pluses and minuses for this approach and it largely depends on what you are trying to do. People are still the weakest link in any security setup. Corporately how do you manage and control the data which is out there? Samsung introduced KNOX to try and cater for the need for a secure device while still allowing the users the freedom of using their own device. This solves one aspect of the challenge but there is some work which you have to do from an office or secure location. There are also the times when nothing beats a face to face meeting with a white board.

    Companies want to know how they can ensure their data and applications are secure in the ‘cloud’ and this is going to a long time for companies to fully trust this approach. Will large corporates be happy to host their data on a server in a country somewhere out there, what about government data? Brings into questions all sorts of questions about the data ownership as well.

    Even with a powerful mobile and powerful tablet I still find myself doing most of my work from a laptop. Now if I had decent Internet coverage in any part of the country I visit that would mean I could seriously become part of the mobile workforce…

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  • All England Champs

    These took place up in Sunderland last weekend. So a wonderful trip up on Friday afternoon on the sloooooow A1 which took nearly 6 hours to get to the TravelInn. It was a bit of a pain as I had a conference call to listen in on as well.

    Most of the competitors were there Friday evening for the open practice which went well. Saturday was a wonderfully bright day and two excellent courses were set. For the day I was finish ref which was quite straight forward even though I was kept busy at times.

    Had a few issues with racers saying or doing the wrong thing, but a quick quiet word with them should hopefully get the message across. Over the season there have been times when some racers have pushed the limit on sportsmanship behaviour. On Saturday one racer went too far and received a reprimand from the TD.

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