• Bury St Edmunds

    DSC_1812If you like visiting towns that have a lot of history and some very good architecture then it can do you no harm to visit Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk. The place has a wonderful cathedral and always puts in a lot of effort to ensure people come and visit. The Abbey Gardens being a major attraction.

    Yesterday morning I decided to crawl out of bed early as it was going to be a clear morning and headed into town with the camera and tripod to get a few shots of the sun rising. The actual sunrise itself was not that impressive this time but I managed to get a few shots form the gardens. Before the gardens were open I spent a bit of time on Angel Hill playing around with the settings taking a few pictures of the cathedral tower and gardens entrance.


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  • Summer Racing in the UK 2009 Summary

    During the final part of 2009 I published a survey on SkiZog to get some feedback from the summer racing season. I did it because there was no other way for people to feedback anonymously and be honest at the same time.

    I’ve now summarised the results in the attached PDF file. Some very good feedback there and definitely worth following up and from an ERSA point of view will definitely take a closer look.

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  • Various updates

    Various updates have taken place over the past few days for various races and information around them.

    Can find the latest information on Britski.

    The latest list of entries received for the English Alpine Championships can be found here. Closing date is the 1st Feb. Also the Ski Cross has now been cancelled due to lack of entries.

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  • Pushing too hard

    It’s the same in any sport but a common site, parents pushing their kids to do more and more when they don’t really want to. Parents living their dream through their children and sometimes it can also just be simple childcare (albeit expensive childcare at times).

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  • Summer Skiing

    This year unfortunately Craig was not able to take part in many Club Nationals or Grand Prix event throughout the country mainly due to work, but also the need for him to be able to train sometimes instead of just coaching.

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