• Bury Christmas Doors

    This morning thought I would do something a little different before the rain arrived for the day here in Bury St Edmunds (map). Lots of houses hang some sort of wreath out on the door over the Christmas period and being the last weekend before most will come down it was now or never to record some of those which have been used this year. Many traditional but at the same time a lot which are quite individual in taste. Anyway below are a selection of those I managed to get pictures of before the heavens opened. Original photos can be found here.

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  • SnOasis a step closer

    The following entry has more information about what is happening at SnOasis.
    Also some more from the local paper here

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  • ERSA Champs 2009

    Last Sunday we held the ERSA Champs are the Hemel Indoor centre. Meant an early start to the day and if I hadn’t been held up on the M25 by an accident would have been there at 6.20am (yeah I know stupid time)!

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  • Summer Skiing

    This year unfortunately Craig was not able to take part in many Club Nationals or Grand Prix event throughout the country mainly due to work, but also the need for him to be able to train sometimes instead of just coaching.

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