• A good start to the year for the cinema

    Since the start of the year it has been a good time for the cinema visits over at Abbeygate Cinema in Bury. So far I have managed eight movies since the start of the year covering a wide variety of subjects, covering;

    • Free Solo
    • Stand & Ollie
    • Green Book
    • Fisherman’s Friend
    • The Aftermath
    • Can You Forgive Me
    • All is True
    • The Favourite

    It’s been a good selection of movies, some much better than others and no turkeys. The top three though are Green Book, Free Solo and Fisherman’s Friend, all for different reasons.

    Green Book – an excellent step back in time to a not so distant past.
    Free Solo – already covered here but heart in your mouth.
    Fisherman’s Friend – a good cheerful story from just a few years ago.

    Most of the others were excellent and a close call for the top three. The most disappointing one was The Favourite, not sure what all the fuss was about.

    aftermath AllIsTrue FishermansFriend Stan&Ollie TheFavourite Green-Book CanYouForgiveMe

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  • Annie Lennox

    Wow haven’t heard Annie in a long time, sitting here watching Later with Jools, great voice but she looking more and more like a bloke now the way she dressed and body language. Still a great voice though.

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  • Later with Jools Holland

    Watching Jools on BBC2 again and he has a really good line up tonight and different. Surprised at how old Rickie Lee Jones looks and do wonder what else she is taking !!

    A couple of excellent pieces from the hippy Joss Stone doing her bit, and as usually sounding excellent. What was a surprise though was Steve Martin playing in a group on bango, yep the bango and he was incredibly good. Learn something new every day.

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