• Paddy & Scott’s cafe

    20141026_095527-1I have never come across Paddy & Scott’s cafe before but they have opened a new one in Bury St Edmunds recently. So being in Bury this morning I thought I would wonder over for breakfast as it was open at 9am and should have been up and running by the time I got there. Arrived soon after 9.30am. First impressions very good the place is clean and looks very inviting. Ordered the normal black Americano (black means no milk amazing how many Barista’s don’t listen). Quite a selection of food but wanted a Pain Au Choc but these would be a few more minutes as they were still cooking! Surprised as the place had been open for a while but waited for it to arrive and it was certainly worth it, a nice warm Pain Au Choc to start the day. Only comment is that it could have been a little bigger was still peckish when finished.

    Someone came in about 15 minutes later and asked for the same thing and told they were in the oven. Seems like they only cook a very small number at a time which is odd in the morning, they certainly missing sales there. Excellent music playing in the background gave it a good atmosphere. The other thing they have going for them is somewhere to sit with lots of power sockets for laptops and phone charging. This is something that many other cafe’s need to get installed as I am sure it will increase sales nowadays.

    All in all a good start to the day and will return shortly to see how they getting on. 7/10 for the first time.

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  • Granite Skis

    Have never seen or heard of this before, Skis made from stone, http://www.zai.ch/index.php?id=11&L=1. Makes for very interesting reading.

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