• The Personal History of David Copperfield

    DCInitially was not bothered about watching The Personal History of David Copperfield but after so many people saying how wonderful it was we decided to head over to Abbeygate cinema to see what all the fuss was about. Plenty of names in it and from a personal stand point remember it being filmed as several scenes were done here in Bury St Edmunds last year, so was good to go spotting places where it was filmed. the story was quite straight forward and it was ok but I didn’t come out thinking wow that was brilliant, it was just ok. Felt it was a bit too slapstick in places and found the most interesting part identifying Bury. They filmed around Angel Hill and in the theatre Royal and it looked great on film.

    Give this a 7/10. Watch it but when it comes out on TV.













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  • Alain Baxter at Ipswich

    In March the ex Olympic skier Alain Baxter visited the Ipswich ski centre for a business morning breakfast followed by a training session with the Vikings race team. Although it was on a Monday morning and a school day many of the team were still able to attend and had a great time with him, not often that sort of thing happens so was good for them.

    For a report click here.

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  • Photos from the Olympics

    Here are some stunning photos from the first eight days of the Olympics,


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  • Fund Raising Event

    Have received the following from Lynda Hickey about a fund raising event being organised by Rufus Alcott. Email is as follows.


    Good morning,

    As you know, Snowsport GB have had major financial difficulties and the team going to compete in the Olympics are left without sufficient funding. I know it’s been coming for a long time but it seems so unfair on the athletes who have put so much commitment and dedication to getting to Vancouver.

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  • Snowsport GB

    Snowsport GB has been in financial trouble for sometime now but things are definitely coming to a head now. What a disaster on the timing though and obviously raises more questions than it answers.

    This article was in the Times yesterday. There’s a lot of work going on in the background to make sure they get to the Olympics in a few weeks time but it doesn’t exactly help with the preparation.

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  • Olympic Stadium at Stratford

    Each week I go past Stratford on the train to London and off course there is one of the biggest building sites around next to the station. There is a huge amount of building work taking place in readiness for the Olympics in the non too distinct future. Sure the Olympics don’t happen until 2012 but in reality it’s not that far away when you look at when they still have to complete.

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  • Ed Drake

    Here’s an excellent start for one of racers Ed Drake, his first podium finish of the season and so early. During the summer there was week long ski camp at Ipswich sponsored by Atomic and run by the Telling brothers. Ed spent the week there and the kids loved it.

    Also during August there was a race at the Hemel ski centre to help raise much needed funds for him in his attempt to get to the Olympics in 2010.

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