• Bury Christmas Doors

    This morning thought I would do something a little different before the rain arrived for the day here in Bury St Edmunds (map). Lots of houses hang some sort of wreath out on the door over the Christmas period and being the last weekend before most will come down it was now or never to record some of those which have been used this year. Many traditional but at the same time a lot which are quite individual in taste. Anyway below are a selection of those I managed to get pictures of before the heavens opened. Original photos can be found here.

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  • What are the next steps?

    So this year has so far proved to be very interesting with the number of summer races taking place, both indoor and outdoor and seeing how the attendance at the races has worked. There have been many races across the regions, nationally and also including the Beck races.

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  • Norfolk Races

    This weekend saw the Club National on Saturday and the first of the SSE Grand Prix on Sunday at Norfolk.

    The weather forecast for the weekend was wet wet wet. However we were very lucky on Saturday as the sun was out most of the day so much so I managed to get a bit of sun burn on the head! that’s one of the advantages of the outdoor races and it produces a much better atmosphere. Of course great when the sun is out but not so good when it is the rain.

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  • Where to start?

    One of the things that is constantly raised at the club is queries from new parents and racers about where to start, what races exists, what their children should take part in etc. It’s a long list of questions and of course everyone has an opinion. Unfortunately it is incredibly difficult to find anything online and i have yet to come across a parent who has seen this information on the SSE site.

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  • Making racing a little more affordable

    We are well into the winter season racing now with kids and parents travelling all over the place to take part in races in various countries. But it won’t be be that long before the summer season is upon us once again. As with the past few years the number of races available to people is high and if you wanted you could race virtually every weekend (pity the kids that have to do that what about a break?).

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  • Summer Skiing

    This year unfortunately Craig was not able to take part in many Club Nationals or Grand Prix event throughout the country mainly due to work, but also the need for him to be able to train sometimes instead of just coaching.

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