• Amazon Web Services

    Amazon Web Services, AWS, is a very powerful service and if you need Cloud hosting is something well worth looking at. I have used it for a some time and utilised heir small free tier hosting server for the past year. I haven’t done a huge amount with it over the past year just ran the server with a few websites.

    There is a lot that can be done with the environments and recently I decided to do more with the servers and expand the sites. I am running a mix of WordPress and Drupal and sometimes have found that I am running out of memory. The micro servers only came with 512mb to no wonder. So time to look at the options on offer and the associated pricing. Having decided on a medium sized server which will not be too pricey each month I them looked at how to move the sites in a safe easy way.

    In the past when I have moved sites from one server to another it has been very painful and has meant setting up the new server, attaching a test DNS entry, get the copy running and test it then eventually switch over the main domain to the new server. This time though I had the new server up and running in less than 45 minutes and that wasn’t moving very quickly!

    First with the existing server I took a snapshot of the storage and left the existing site running. Then I created a new EC2 instance and attached it to the snapshot storage just created. Assigned this a temporary Elastic IP, updated my hosts files to point to the temporary IP and tested the sites on the new server. There they were working without any other input from me. I then moved the existing Elastic IP over to the new server, shutdown the old server and it was done!

    Incredibly easy and took no time at all. Very impressive and will now do far more with AWS over the coming year.

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  • Broadband reaching villages

    So I live in a village which is on the edge of the distance from the local exchange for broadband. If you receive it through the main house phone, which many do here, then you will be lucky to get 0.5mb download, plus it is very unstable. So to squeeze a little more down the pipe I had a second line installed here which is dedicated to broadband. Now that works pretty well, is very stable and I am generally able to get about 1mb download which is much better.

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  • Will it work or not …

    Tomorrow my ISP is switching from Orange to O2. Last time I switched to Orange over two years it went incredibly smoothly, such a difference from previous experiences. Over the past two years Orange have been god and reliable. So why the change? Simple it is much cheaper for the year than Orange. It was tempting to leave it where it is, why bother with the hassle of changing, but the fact it went smoothly last time I thought I would give it a go yet again.

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  • 3 Broadband and go…

    I’ve been using a Vodafone 3G datacard for over a year now. I was paying £25+vat for 250mb download per month. Now that wasn’t too bad as long as I was careful about what I did online. But sometimes it was slow, rarely got 3G and usually just ended up at 384k.

    Well recently 3 have been advertising their new Broadband service on the radio. I took at look at the website, here, and the pricing of what you get is way much better. For £10 (inclusive of VAT) you get 1GB, £15 3GB and £25 7GB! After spending a bit of time reading the website I decided it was time to change.

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