• Eddie the Eagle

    Quad-Van-AW_29880-Eddie-the-EagleLast night went to the first showing this week of the new film Eddie the Eagle at my favourite cinema Abbeygate :). If you are looking for an upbeat, feel good movie then go see this, if you are looking for something serious and factually correct then don’t bother.

    Sat down with a good glass or red, relaxed and waited for the start. Cinema was full of all sorts of ages and some clearly wondering what all the fuss was about. The film starts in the early days of Eddie and his attempts at getting to the Olympics and the unconventional approach he took to getting into the 1988 Winter Olympics. The British Olympic Association didn’t come of very well from the film, hardly surprising. In order to get a film that fit into an hour and a half they changed a lot of the facts, including the number of coaches he had and locations but you get the picture from the film of the struggle he had to get there.

    What I had forgotten about was that he continued to train and tried to get into future Olympics but failed each time. Love the scenery out there in the Alps and Canada and it has reminded me just how much I have missed not going out on skis for two seasons now, next year I will definitely be out there somewhere.

    Well worth a visit in all these times of bad news on TV good to watch something entertaining. 7/10 for this one.

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  • Where does £300 go??

    In the recent Racer Ready magazine Tim Fawkes responded to a previous article about the British Indoor series and the SSE Grand Prix series. Now that is a debate which will continue for a long time, pros and cons on both sides, and certainly a lot of history and little flexibility on either party.

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  • Learning the basics

    Within ski racing every race needs officials to help run it. Many of the helpers are from the local club, some doing it for the first time but many officiating on a regular basis at many different races throughout the country.

    There are currently two levels of officials that SSE like to have, Level 1 the basic and Level 2 more indepth. The thing it they forget that everyone is a volunteer in these races, yet they insist on running a 2 day (which in reality is 1.5 day) course for Level 2 officials.

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