• A good start to the year for the cinema

    Since the start of the year it has been a good time for the cinema visits over at Abbeygate Cinema in Bury. So far I have managed eight movies since the start of the year covering a wide variety of subjects, covering;

    • Free Solo
    • Stand & Ollie
    • Green Book
    • Fisherman’s Friend
    • The Aftermath
    • Can You Forgive Me
    • All is True
    • The Favourite

    It’s been a good selection of movies, some much better than others and no turkeys. The top three though are Green Book, Free Solo and Fisherman’s Friend, all for different reasons.

    Green Book – an excellent step back in time to a not so distant past.
    Free Solo – already covered here but heart in your mouth.
    Fisherman’s Friend – a good cheerful story from just a few years ago.

    Most of the others were excellent and a close call for the top three. The most disappointing one was The Favourite, not sure what all the fuss was about.

    aftermath AllIsTrue FishermansFriend Stan&Ollie TheFavourite Green-Book CanYouForgiveMe

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  • Around the World in 60 Minutes

    This, http://www.bbc.co.uk/i/ymjkt/, is an excellent BBC programme about the effect we have on the planet. Done from the perspective of the International Space Station and an orbit it performs and visits different places on the planet. Very good and it is still amazing the numbers involved! Well worth watching.

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  • Time in London

    Last week I spent a couple of days in London with Natasha on the sightseeing quest. She doesn’t often get the chance to come down to London and it is something she wanted to do, so although I spend all my working time down there we headed back there together.

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  • Spooks

    I started watching BBC One Spooks when it first came out years ago but didn’t like it. Last year started watching it again and have now got into it again and love watching it. The current series started a few weeks ago and it is proving to be as excellent as ever.

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