• A good start to the year for the cinema

    Since the start of the year it has been a good time for the cinema visits over at Abbeygate Cinema in Bury. So far I have managed eight movies since the start of the year covering a wide variety of subjects, covering;

    • Free Solo
    • Stand & Ollie
    • Green Book
    • Fisherman’s Friend
    • The Aftermath
    • Can You Forgive Me
    • All is True
    • The Favourite

    It’s been a good selection of movies, some much better than others and no turkeys. The top three though are Green Book, Free Solo and Fisherman’s Friend, all for different reasons.

    Green Book – an excellent step back in time to a not so distant past.
    Free Solo – already covered here but heart in your mouth.
    Fisherman’s Friend – a good cheerful story from just a few years ago.

    Most of the others were excellent and a close call for the top three. The most disappointing one was The Favourite, not sure what all the fuss was about.

    aftermath AllIsTrue FishermansFriend Stan&Ollie TheFavourite Green-Book CanYouForgiveMe

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  • Free Solo make sure you see it

    A National Geographic made movie which is both exhilarating and scary at the same time. Not your traditional movie but based on the dream of Alex Honnold, who wanted to climb one of the most challenging rock faces in the world the 3,000ft plus El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, free of a rope. It is probably one of the best movies I have seen in years and even though you know the end result you are on the edge of you seat the whole time, heart beating at the incredibly challenge ahead.

    Interesting character but then to attempt such a challenge I guess you need to be. The filming itself was incredibly and you really feel you are in there in the middle of the action, especially watching him practice the climb with ropes and map out his journey to the top. The cinema was full and everyone was gripped by what was on the screen and remain captivated through to the end. The physical and mental strength required for this climb was amazing.

    It is certainly one that I will watch again soon, if you haven’t seen it go along and watch it now. Trailer is here and definitely a 10/10 for this one.freesolo

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  • Annie Lennox

    Wow haven’t heard Annie in a long time, sitting here watching Later with Jools, great voice but she looking more and more like a bloke now the way she dressed and body language. Still a great voice though.

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  • Later with Jools Holland

    Watching Jools on BBC2 again and he has a really good line up tonight and different. Surprised at how old Rickie Lee Jones looks and do wonder what else she is taking !!

    A couple of excellent pieces from the hippy Joss Stone doing her bit, and as usually sounding excellent. What was a surprise though was Steve Martin playing in a group on bango, yep the bango and he was incredibly good. Learn something new every day.

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