• Synology

    Recently my IOMega NAS drive gave up the ghost and stopped working. It’s the second one to give up in four years, very disappointing and will be the last time I go for one of those. The Buffalo drive continues to hum along nicely though. Repair work on the IOMega didn’t bring it back to life. So time to get something more reliable and so the hunt started.


    I know a few people who have Synology drives and after spending time looking through the various options I went for the Synology DS214+ with 2 * 3TB drives. Having had the drive for the past few weeks I am annoyed that I didn’t give one a try a long time ago. They are excellent. Really well made, small and incredibly quiet. I set my drives up as Raid 1 and now have most of the things on there I need. Performance is brilliant and you can see the difference in the speed on the network. It has 2 USB 3 ports on the back and if you plug an external USB drive in there you can copy from the NAS to the USB at exceptional speeds. They come with built in management software which is very extensive, easy to use and well featured. All I have to do now is get the remote access working through the router, that is proving easier said than done though.

    So if you need a NAS device it is well worth spending the extra money and going for something like the Synology.

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