• Parasite

    parasiteInitially was not sure if I wanted to watch Parasite especially as it was not being shown at my favourite cinema Abbeygate. With it doing so well at the BAFTAs I thought I would head over to Cineworld and see what it was like with a last minute booking. Plenty written about the story but in essence it is about a poor family in Korea who come across an opportunity to infiltrate themselves into the lives of a wealthy family by working for them in different jobs while keeping their relationships hidden from the rich family. Even though it is a sub titled film it is very well done and quite easy to watch and very funny and entertaining. As the film progresses it starts to turn darker as the parasite comes into play. Can tell how good the film was as the 2 hours went by in a flash. No point going into the details of the ending as it was certainly not something I was expecting and was a surprise but good.

    Even the score on Rotten Tomatoes was incredibly high, 99% and 92%.


    Definitely worth watching and I would give this a 9/10 score.

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  • Ed Drake

    Here’s an excellent start for one of racers Ed Drake, his first podium finish of the season and so early. During the summer there was week long ski camp at Ipswich sponsored by Atomic and run by the Telling brothers. Ed spent the week there and the kids loved it.

    Also during August there was a race at the Hemel ski centre to help raise much needed funds for him in his attempt to get to the Olympics in 2010.

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