• Exhibition

    AlrPetrus Wine Baready May and the photo exhibition is only a few months away now, in September. I have had to take a different approach now as the Edmund Gallery is no more, so after a lot of thinking I have decided to take a slightly different approach. I will be exhibiting at the Petrus Wine Bar in Whitting Street on Saturday 16th September. With a bit of luck the weather will be dry and sunny in which case there will also be a BBQ in the court yard and some sort of music to lay on. The challenge at the moment is to decide which photos to actually show! The space is smaller than the previous option so I have to think careful about what I want to show so over the next couple of months that will be the main challenge. I have so many to choose from just not sure which ones to go for :) So much other preparation to do in the background though, frames, how to hang them, cost, flyers and need to hook up with Jessops who will be sponsoring the events. Keep an eye here and over the coming weeks will post more information.

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  • Will it work or not …

    Tomorrow my ISP is switching from Orange to O2. Last time I switched to Orange over two years it went incredibly smoothly, such a difference from previous experiences. Over the past two years Orange have been god and reliable. So why the change? Simple it is much cheaper for the year than Orange. It was tempting to leave it where it is, why bother with the hassle of changing, but the fact it went smoothly last time I thought I would give it a go yet again.

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