• Hail, Caesar! and Sicario

    MV5BMjQyODc3MTI2NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNDMxMjU2NzE@._V1_UX182_CR0,0,182,268_AL_Recent visits to the cinema, Abbeygate, have taken in a couple of very different films.

    The first was Hail, Caesar! which has quite a few stars in who clearly did it just for the fun of it and something easy to do. If you want something very simple and easy to watch, which will make you laugh at times, then this is worth a couple of hours of your time but don’t expect a classic. Set in the 1950s it is about the Hollywood studios and some of the stories around them and the way the key character played by James Brolin, keeps the actors in line. Also gives a little snippet how how much it was a production line of films at the time. Clooney was funny and you do wonder at times why he took the film on but glad he did. It is very easy to watch and ridiculous at times and jumps around a bit but it was very entertaining.




    By contrast Sicario is a very different type of film and very dark about the escalating war against drugs at the border area between the U.S. and Mexico. It paints a dark picture of the area and I can’t see this helping the Mexican tourist trade, not exactly a place you want to visit. Quite a few twists and you have to pay attention, the music score certainly adds to the atmosphere and you realise there is a very different world out there. I think nearly everyone left the cinema in silence at the end of this one. Overall it was good as it does challenge a serious subject and you do wonder how they will ever win the fight against drugs, if at all.




    Glad I went to see both films but I won’t be rushing back to see these ones again, put them on the shelf for when there is nothing else on.

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  • British Champs in Meribel

    As you know the British Champs are still going ahead. Have received the letter attached to this post from the chief of race.

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  • Various updates

    Various updates have taken place over the past few days for various races and information around them.

    Can find the latest information on Britski.

    The latest list of entries received for the English Alpine Championships can be found here. Closing date is the 1st Feb. Also the Ski Cross has now been cancelled due to lack of entries.

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  • ERSA Champs 2009

    Last Sunday we held the ERSA Champs are the Hemel Indoor centre. Meant an early start to the day and if I hadn’t been held up on the M25 by an accident would have been there at 6.20am (yeah I know stupid time)!

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